Welcome to Yogarise Online!

Can’t make it to our studio? No worries. We Livestream all our studio classes so you can get the Yogarise experience from home. We also offer exclusive online-only classes direct from your teacher’s home. View our online pricing options here.

HOW TO Get Started

  1. Download Zoom for free onto your computer, tablet or phone, and register for a basic account.
  2. Create a nice space for you to practice in – we recommend having a yoga block, blanket or pillow handy so you can really enjoy Savasana at the end!
  3. Booking will close 30 mins before the class is due to start. 10 minutes before, you’ll receive an email from us with the link to join in, simply follow the link to get started. Remember to make sure your Yogarise account has a valid and updated email address otherwise you won’t receive this email.
  4. Turn your camera on if you would like to… we won’t judge anyone for practicing in their PJ’s.
  5. Turn your audio on so that you can hear the instructions.
  6. Put yourself on mute when you join the class.
  7. Enjoy your class!