Fitness Classes in Streatham

Love yoga but want to try something different? Our Streatham partners Element Fitness offer fun, functional, engaging group workouts for all levels. Each class is inspired by one of nature’s elements: earth, water, air and fire.

If strength training is your thing, hit an EARTH class and get lifting. Like to work on your cardio? Take a deep breath and smash those intervals in AIR. If building endurance is what you’re after, get moving in our WATER sessions. And If you just wanna let it burn, head for a FIRE class and unleash your power!

Element Fitness have developed a functional training programme to help you make the most of your incredible body! Each class focuses on a different training protocol. This means you can work on different elements of your fitness on each day of the week. To meet the demands of their programme, they built a state-of-the-art studio jam packed with the best bang for your buck gear (Thank you Bulldog!). Get ready to squat, swing, ski, push, pull, bike, throw, climb, twist, turn and leap to better strength, speed, power, endurance and mobility!

Element Fitness understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Their colour coded band system has you covered: Blue I’m new, Green I’m keen, Red I’ve got this and Black I’m a pro! Choose your wrist band to match your desired intensity and or experience level, to get the best out of every workout.

Fitness in Streatham

GAIA: Element Fitness also offers a specialised postnatal class for new mummas! Taught by specially trained Post- Natal PT’s, you’ll be supported through a 60-minute class to connect back to your core, your strength and others Mums.

Classes are suitable for Mum’s 6 weeks post birth (12 weeks post caesarean.) babies from 6 month (after vaccinations) up to 6 months old.

For health and safety reasons, they can’t have crawlers in the gym -there’s A LOT of heavy stuff in there!

OPEN GYM: One for the RED and BLACK Bands- OPEN GYM is a 60 minute session to work solo on your own programme with the support of their coaches; ask questions, get programme tweaks and technique tips.

Don’t have a programme? No problemo! Join their coaches for an advanced workout. 

Fitness in Streatham

Fancy combining your yoga classes with a workout? We offer the All In pass – UNLIMITED ACCESS to Yogarise Streatham and Element Fitness classes, all for just £199 a month. Click here to find out more.

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