Fitness in Streatham

Love yoga but want to try something different? Element Fitness shares its home with Yogarise Streatham and offers balanced, challenging and engaging class-based workouts, guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and energised.

Utilising primal movement patterns, functional training, and intensity scaling, workouts are accessible, progressive and sustainable – and all inspired by the elements: Air (cardio), Earth (strength), Water (movement) and Fire (power).

A constantly revolving schedule means that each day has a unique focus with everyone given the chance to engage in all the elements of fitness, regardless of what days they train.

Supported by expert coaches and state of the art equipment, participants will work independently and support each other in small groups to complete each of the four training zones.

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Personal training
+ 1-2-1 sessions

Looking for some training to complement your yoga practice? Our PT room is ideally located in Yogarise Peckham Studio Two.

Personal training + 1-2-1 sessions

Box, HIIT, bike, row, lift, twist, jump, skip, stretch, TRX… we are well equipped to give you a full workout.

Personal training + 1-2-1 sessions

The PT room (and Studio Two in Peckham and Streatham) is also available for 1-2-1 private yoga sessions which we can arrange with any of our teachers. If you are a trainer or teacher looking for a room to hire, just get in touch.

Element Fitness can also offer PT 1-2-1s, just hit the enquiry button and we’ll pass on your details.

Meet personal trainer: Rex Hawtin

Rex Hawtin

Rex has worked in the fitness industry since 2011 and during this time has supported many clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Through varied and engaging training sessions clients will experience benefits such as weight loss, increased energy levels, muscle gain, improved cardio vascular fitness, lower blood pressure, greater flexibility and mobility, stronger immune function, better sleep, reduced stress levels.

Rex is passionate about facilitating positive change for everyone. Through carefully tailored workouts and dietary guidance, Rex will support you to accomplish your goals in a friendly, patient and motivating environment.

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