New to yoga?

Fear not, yoga newbie, we've all been there. Here's the lowdown...


At Yogarise all our classes are Open Level unless they specify Level 1 (L1) or Beginners’ Yoga - which are both brilliant if you have never practised before or want to get back to basics.

In addition to this, we have Level Two (L2) classes which we recommend for students with a good grounding in yoga, and knowledge of a variety of asanas (postures). These classes are not suitable for complete beginners.

If you are pregnant or recently had a baby we also have Postnatal Yoga, Baby + Me, and Pregnancy Yoga (suitable from 15+ weeks). If you need more info on classes, just get in touch.

Is yoga for me?
I'm not very bendy

Unlike competitive sports and hobbies, yoga is non-judgmental - it's not about whether your neighbour can touch his toes or your best mate can stand on her head, it's a personal practice, just you and your mat, with the teacher there to guide you along the way.

Whatever you might think, yoga is for all shapes and sizes and it's never too late to take it up. Everyone is welcome. Yoga is also not just purely about the physical postures but about what’s going on inside - meditation, philosophy and breath-work are all part of the practice.

We also have Beginners yoga classes and courses, especially for you as well as Pilates if you’d prefer to mix it up.

It’s always best to register online and we recommend 'bookmarking' your studio specific Timetable to the home-screen on your mobile for ease of booking.

What to bring

If possible, please bring your own yoga mat - we have our very own eco cork yoga mats to buy on reception or (for a discounted price) on Amazon. We provide yoga props (blocks, belts, bolsters) which are sanitised between classes. If you are coming to a dynamic or hot class you may like to bring a towel or a bottle of water. There are taps and filtered water on reception to fill up your bottle.

Wear something comfortable to move around in - shorts or leggings and a vest or t-shirt.

There is a no shoes policy in the studio practice area so please leave yours in the cubby holes or lockers in the changing rooms.

We have snacks, refreshments, yoga clothes, towels, props and water bottles available to purchase in person.

We have showers and towels for hire for £1, at Yogarise Streatham, Peckham and Covent Garden.


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