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Terms & Conditions

For Retreats, YTT and Rooftop / Peckham Bowls Yoga Ts+Cs please scroll down to point 8.



All purchases within Yogarise purchased at the studio or online are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you cannot attend a class that you have booked and you do not cancel, you will be liable to pay a £5 ‘No Show’ fine.

Pregnant students attending non-pregnancy classes must sign a Pregnant Student Waiver (available at studio receptions) before practising class.

Any unused credit on account or gift cards will expire 1 year from date of purchase / transfer. Yogarise cannot be held responsible for any lost credit in £ or on class packs after this time.

All class pack credits expire as per individual purchases (see pricing page), and drop-in credits within one month of purchase.

Customer accounts that remain inactive for more than 2 years may have data deleted.

All participants must sign the Yogarise Health & Safety Waiver on their Momence Account prior to attending any class, workshop or event, online or in-person. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they have understood and signed the waiver and are in a good state of health before participating in a class or event.


All class packs, and intro offers activate on the date of your first booking. Once the first class is booked you cannot book another class on a previous date. You can only book classes on dates that fall after your activation date.

All Pre-Pay passes are activated on the date of purchase. Sign up to the Monthly Pre-Pay for a minimum of 3 renewals, after which you may cancel at any time. ***PLEASE NOTE: Your monthly payment comes out on 1st of the month. your first payment will be pro-rated if it is mid-month. ***

You can freeze your monthly pre-pay package once per year for a 2 week+ period. Your next renewal will be adjusted to reflect the freeze. We cannot freeze / pause your monthly pre-pay package for individual days or portions of the 2 week+ period. Please contact us at least 1-month ahead of your next payment due date.

If you have a 6 or 12 month Pre-Pay package, contact us for a 2-week ‘holiday’ extension. We cannot extend your pass for more than 2 weeks unless you have exceptional circumstances.

Online prepay: Sign up to the Online Pre-Pay for a minimum of 3 renewals, after which you may cancel at any time. You cannot freeze your online pre pay.

We are not able to allow class pack extensions on promotional class packs or offers.


We strongly recommend that you book your class in advance as we have a limited number of spaces. If the class is fully booked you can join the waitlist. Please note, you will need to have a valid payment option to join the waitlist.

If you are on the waitlist and a space opens up (due to a cancellation) and you are next in line, you will receive an auto-email notifying you that you have been added to the class register. This service is fully automated and can reach you at any time.

If you receive the notification email at short notice (less than 1 hour) and cannot attend the class please email us to let us know.

PLEASE NOTE: we often have ‘No Shows’ to classes so if you are keen to practise a class marked as ‘fully booked’, we recommended you come to the studio / location in case these last-minute spaces become available at the start of the session.


5 Class Packs are valid for 6 weeks; 10 Class Packs are valid for 10 weeks; 20 Class Packs are valid for 3 months – all from date of purchase. Class packs can be extended for one further month for an additional charge of £10. Class packs can only be extended once.

Intro Offers, Pre-Pay passes, promotional and/or discounted class packs cannot be extended.


If you are booked into a standard studio or online class but can no longer attend, you must cancel the class. To cancel you must do this through your Momence profile.

Yogarise’s class cancellation policy is 3 hours. If you do not cancel with at least 3 hours prior notice, this will constitute as a late cancel and your credit will not be returned to your account.

If you do not late cancel you will be liable for paying a £5 no show fee.

If you ‘Early cancel’ (up to 3 hours before class) the class credit will automatically be returned to your account.

If your class is cancelled by Yogarise your credit will be returned to your account.

Workshops, Rooftop Yoga and Wilderness Yoga sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable unless cancelled by the studio.

ClassPass or other external third-party bookings are liable to their cancellation policy. We cannot override this.


No extensions are permitted on any discounted, sale, or promotional class packages and purchases.

The 21 Day Unlimited Intro Offer is for new members only and is valid for 21 days from date of first booking. No extensions permitted. Charges will apply for no-shows or late cancellations.

If you have previously purchased the ‘3 for £30 Intro Offer’ or any other membership you cannot purchase the 21 Day Unlimited Intro Offer. If you are not eligible, and have purchased it in error, you may be challenged by our reception team and the offer will be revoked.

The 50% off your first Monthly Pre-Pay pass promotion includes 50% off your first month of a 3 month minimum term only, during which you cannot cancel or pause the membership. After the 3 months term our general Ts + Cs apply and you can cancel at any time. 


Yogarise cannot be held responsible for any injury caused while following an online (Livestream or On Demand) yoga class. Please ensure you are in good health prior to joining the class.

If you are pregnant please consult your midwife or doctor. We recommend only practising Pregnancy (Antenatal) Yoga classes from 15+ weeks of pregnancy.

Please email hello@yogarise.london with any queries regarding Yogarise On Demand.


All workshops and courses purchased at the studio or online are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Credit on account at Yogarise can be given if workshop/course is sold out and there is a wait list.

Credit on account or a monetary refund will be provided if the workshop is cancelled by the studio.

Some workshops / courses will only run if there is a minimum number set by the studio / teacher. If it is cancelled for this reason, you will be refunded.

If you would like to give your space to another client you must email us with their name to update the records and to ensure they have signed the waiver.

For WILD MEADOW RETREAT Ts+Cs click here.

For SPAIN RETREAT Ts+Cs click here.

For 12 MONTH TEACHER TRAINING Ts+Cs click here.




All items purchased at the studio, or online, are non-refundable.

Credit on account at Yogarise or exchange will be provided if an item is found faulty or in unusable condition.



Peckham: You must arrive on time for the session you have booked. We have 15-30mins between most classes to give you ample time to check-in, change and get settled.  If you have booked a class and do not arrive on time, you risk losing your space to someone on the waitlist.  If you are late (within 10 mins of the start of class) and the class is not full, you may still be admitted to practise. If the class is full, you will be turned away. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be admitted regardless of whether it is full or not, no exceptions.

Streatham and Covent Garden:  In these studios there is no reception, so you must arrive 10 minutes early for class.  Doors will close as soon as class begins.


Pre-Pay students in Peckham may leave their mat (labelled as directed) in the specified mat storage areas, no other students are permitted to store their mats. Anti-viral spray and mat cloths are provided within the studio space to clean around your mat (and for your own mat if you wish). Place any used props back in the storage units after class. Place your mat within the floor markers in the studios.

We rent out our mats for £2 at reception in Peckham. They are free to hire in Streatham and Covent Garden. You are welcome to bring your own mat to practise on.


All students are responsible for their own belongings. All items left behind will be stored in ‘Lost & Found’. Please contact reception if you think you might have left something at the studio. Items will be kept for one month and anything left unclaimed will be given to charity.

Any customer who leaves their mat in the Peckham Yogarise mat storage does this at their own risk. Yogarise cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost or stolen on the premises. Please use lockers provided and keep an eye on your belongings.