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Hello, Nice to meet you

Welcome to Yogarise – your local, urban yoga studio. Step away from the busy London streets and on to your mat. Come on in and find a welcoming space for you to reinvigorate, unwind, energise or chill out. Whatever your vibe, we’ve got it covered.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a transformational practice that encourages the union of mind, body and spirit. It helps us to tune in to our body’s needs, rewarding us with a whole host of health benefits both mental and physical. As well as increased flexibility, strength and balance, it can also help with poor digestion, insomnia, anxiety… all sorts. With all these serious health benefits, you would think it’s a serious practice, but here at Yogarise, we believe life is for living and having fun is part of that – we look forward to welcoming you to our growing community of yogis and yoginis.

A bit of background

We opened our doors in 2014 in Peckham Rye, bringing some of London’s top teachers to Peckham and offering a wide range of classes at affordable prices every day of the week. We also provide community classes which are donation based (or free to attend), raising funds for a cause nominated by our customers. As part of our expansion we opened a second space in Peckham’s Bussey Building, a brand new studio on Streatham High Road in 2019, as well as acquiring a coveted Covent Garden studio (FKA Yotopia) in June 2019.

Our aim

Our aim is to get as many people as possible breathing, moving and Yogarising – yes, it sounds cheesy but we don’t care! Yoga makes you feel good (officially) and we want to share some of that around. We are working with community partners to bring yoga and mindfulness into local schools and trying to convey the positive message that yoga really is for everybody. So, whether you’re a complete beginner or master yogi, are into meditation or fitness come along and see what Yogarise is all about.


What’s on offer?

We have classes from 6.30/7am-9pm weekdays and 8am/8.30am-7pm weekends and offer a whole host of styles from Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Resorative yoga to Yin-Yang, Mindful Flow, Pregnancy & Postnatal, Hot Yoga (in Covent Garden) and Mandala Vinyasa.

In Peckham there are rooftop yoga classes in summer which go down a treat. We offer a community class every week in each studio, as well as a ton of great workshops. We offer dedicated Beginners Yoga classes, Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga sessions every week. We also run our own Yoga Alliance registered 200hr Teacher Training, 100hr specialist courses for teachers, and yoga Retreats.

rooftop yoga

Our community

Our Yogarisers make the studio. From our talented team of teachers to our management and reception staff, our committed karma yogis and yoginis, to all our wonderful members – this is what its all about. Grab a cuppa, chat to other locals, hang out with your teachers, come and join our yoga family. It’s not a silent studio, it’s not formal or particularly fancy, but it is built with a whole lotta love. We also collaborate with good causes to give back to the local community, see our Community page for more info.

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Consent cards

We know not everyone likes being adjusted! So we’ve just introduced consent cards across both our studios – they’ll be on the front desk, and you just need to pop them at the top of your mat before class starts.


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