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Baby & Me

An inclusive class for parents, caregivers and babies, Baby & Me combines nursery rhymes, massage, and gentle yoga.
This is a perfect opportunity for sharing experiences and knowledge, to make new friends and connect to other parents and caregivers – and to realise you are not alone! As well as yoga, you’ll learn baby massage techniques to aid with digestive issues, constipation and colic; relaxed walking and holds to calm and settle your baby; and serene relaxation techniques to develop emotional awareness and a positive use of voice while communicating with your baby.
Feel free to nurse, change, bounce, feed and walk around. The class is suitable for women from 15 weeks post birth (or until ‘signed off’ by GP) and to all pre-crawling babies. Yoga mats and props are provided but please bring a muslin or blanket for baby to lie on.

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