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Member Perks Pack

A package designed to thank you, our members!

We’ve been thinking… we want to make you feel as special as we can, and to say thank you for your commitment to us. We’re a big believer in community, both the one we’re situated in and the one we’ve created through you all. So we’ve launched a Perks Pack for our Members – designed for anyone on a monthly autopay, six month or annual membership.

The Fun Bit

With your membership, you now get:

ACCESS TO ALL OUR STUDIOS – Peckham, Streatham, Covent Garden

15% off RUNNERS NEED, SNOW+ROCK, COTSWOLD OUTDOOR & CYCLE SURGERY You’ll need to sign up via their Explore More benefits scheme – get in touch with us at (with subject title Members Perks) to get further details

20% off at SWEATY BETTY in East Dulwich

10% off Early Bird and Best Flexible Rates at any NADLER HOTEL, using promo code PARTNERS The Nadler Covent Garden is located overlooking the iconic Strand, in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, within a 5 minute walk of both Covent Garden and Charing Cross stations. It is a perfect base from which to discover one of London’s most enchanting neighbourhoods and the wider city beyond.”

50% off ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS FOR MOVEMENT FOR MODERN LIFE, The Netflix of Yoga & a 14 day free trial. Click on the link above and use PROMO CODE: YOGARISE The Netflix of Yoga & a 14 day free trial. Click on the link above and use PROMO CODE: YOGARISE

A FREE GUEST PASS EVERY MONTH … bring a mate to the mat! Just email us to let us know who you’re bringing, and to which class, and we’ll get them set up

2 hour MASTERCLASSES in our Peckham studio. These will take place nearly every 3 months on a Sunday with some well known Yogarise names!

ROOFTOP YOGA in the summer months on the top of Peckham Rye’s Bussey Building

1 FREE COFFEE A MONTH AT BABY SPINACH (located at Yogarise Streatham), with a stamp card

15% off THE REMEDIE ROOMS in Streatham

3 MONTHS FREE: LEO CASANDAI’S #1 sound meditation app THIRD EAR Email us to sign you up – make sure you’ve used the same address for both your Yogarise account and Third Ear App download [There are currently updates to the podcast, which means this offer will be back up and running early next year]


A FREE Tote Bag/ Keep Cup/ T-shirt – your choice!




We’re always on the look out for great local partnerships

But how do I redeem this great stuff?

Simply show, through your Yogarise app (you’ll have to download it if you don’t have it already). In the ‘my account’ section it’ll state that you’re a member. Either that, or produce your Yogarise keyring, which you can pick up at reception as soon as they’re ready.

Can you remind me of your membership types?


One for the daytime yogis, you have unlimited access to classes at both studios weekdays, 9am-5.30pm. £75 per month.


You’re a regular Yogariser and nothing will stop you from getting to your class on time. You get unlimited access to both studios all day, every day. £105 per month. 


One month just isn’t enough! Same as our Anytime Unlimited membership, but you pay upfront for the 6 months and save some money…so you can buy that top-notch yoga mat too 😉 £550 for 6 months


You really aren’t messing around. You pay upfront for the 12 months and boom, Yogarise is your playground for the year ahead. £1060 for 12 months.M

The Important Bit

We want you to know, as part of our community, the type of things that we get up to. Supporting our community and making yoga accessible to all is really important to us.

Our Community Classes
These work in 3 ways. They are £3 minimum, covering the cost of the class. Any profits go towards a local charity, which changes each month. Just as importantly, it gives newer teachers a platform to practise teaching, including those who have been students on our Teacher Training.

We’re proud to say that to date this year we’ve raised a total of £2,311.94. Last year, we raised £5,745.62. We’ll be launching these in Streatham soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship & Paid Internship

We’re aware of the reality that training to be a teacher is, really, quite an outgoing. So we wanted to put our money where our mouth is. 2019 saw us recruit our first scholarship place for the YTT alongside a paid internship.