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Introducing… Therapeutics Yoga Toolbox CPD

Calling all yoga teachers and trainees! We are so excited to launch this amazing training which is BRAND NEW to Yogarise. If you’re curious about Bodywork or Anatomy-based Yoga Therapy, or looking to grow your offering as a teacher, this Therapeutics Yoga Toolbox CPD is for you.

Bridget and Ellen will work together to offer an introduction to Anatomy-based Yoga Therapy and Bodymind Ball Work, covering the subjects of anatomy, physiology and therapeutics. Throughout the immersion, there will be a focus on common body problems that as a teacher you will come across. The immersion will offer you a toolbox you can refer back to help you address these for your students using alignment, asana, and fascia release bodyball work.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Pretty much anyone who’s ever done a yoga class would describe it as therapeutic.

But Yoga Therapy goes further – it’s the use of specific yoga practices and their known benefits to help alleviate or improvement mental and physical ailments.

So Anatomy-based Yoga Therapy might be the use of specific postures and poses to heal an injury or strengthen a particular weakness.

What are yoga therapeutics?

Therapeutics in yoga means a focus on essential alignments and actions for preventing and healing injuries and strains.

This might look like a class centred on the shoulders, another on the knees or the lower back. You might “deconstruct” a pose to practice particular parts of it that are important for truly understanding the challenges and also the healing potential of the pose.

Life’s a ball…

Bodymind Ballwork is a bodywork system that can benefit people of any age or physical condition. The distinct feature of Bodymind Ballwork is the use of rubber balls of varying sizes and textures (as small as a walnut and as big as a melon), which support, massage, and stretch localised areas of the body. The balls directly address tight connective tissue and muscles, restoring healthy circulation and gliding between layers. There are techniques for every part of you, from head to toes. The result is a wonderful feeling of lightness and ease in the body, and quiet alertness in the mind.

To quote one student: “It’s like having a massage therapist in your pocket”.

“My method is called Bodymind Ballwork to underscore the truth that any and all experiences register in the body and the mind simultaneously. Our mental state will shift from working on the body, and our physical state will shift from mental focus. We are already “integrated” but we don’t always feel that way. This technique is an elegantly simple and profound pathway toward the experience of an integrated self.” Ellen Saltonstall

Therapeutics Yoga Toolbox CPD with Bridget Woods-Kramer + Ellen Saltonstall
23-25 September / 28-30 October