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 16 / 17 March and 20 / 21 April 2024, Yogarise Peckham

Teacher Training

Yogarise is pleased to welcome SYT Isabell Britsch to Yogarise Peckham for this unique training.

Learn to teach meditation and deepen your own personal practise on this special 4 day training spanning different approaches and traditions.

This course will:

Deepen your understanding of the context that meditation has developed out of and sits in today.

Examine different styles and techniques of meditation (including concentration, mindfulness, and heart / compassion-based).

Provide you with the tools to develop your own voice as a meditation teacher and skillfully guide meditation – either stand-alone or as part of yoga classes or other suitable modalities.

Teacher Training


The training is aimed at yoga teachers and trainees, and is also suitable for other movement teachers (e.g. tai chi, qi gong, pilates, dance), healthcare professionals, life coaches, or therapists who have a meditation practice and would like to add meditation to their professional offering.

It will also be relevant to anyone who is interested in building regularity and deeper understanding in their own personal practice.


Listen here to find out more about Isabell's approach to Meditation and what this training will cover.


The course will take place Saturdays and Sundays 10.00 - 18.00 at Yogarise Peckham on the following dates:

16/17 March 2024

20/21 April 2024

Although this is an in-person training, if you are unable to attend in person, the training will be streamed live online, so you can fulfil the course.

Teacher Training


Each weekend will include taught meditation practices (with some preparatory movement and breathwork), discussions and group work, lectures and practical teaching exercises.

In between weekends, you have time for your own self-practice and assignments.


Over the 2 weekends we’ll focus on:

· Personal practice

· Understanding the context, that meditation has arisen out of and sits in now, including:

· What is meditation

· Meditation myths

· Purpose and benefits of meditation, cautions and risks

· Approaches to meditation: concentration, mindfulness and heart-based

· Meditation techniques: purpose, benefits and risks

· The historical background of meditation and connection to modern psychology

· The effects of meditation on the brain, physiology and felt sense of wellbeing

· Teaching skills and practices, including:

· Meditation postures: setup, purpose, modifications

· Structuring meditation, including preparatory practices and post-meditation reflection and inquiry

· Teaching practice: developing and delivering simple guided meditations

· Integrating meditation into general classes

· General skills of teaching, including

· Use of language

· Common difficulties and challenges, boundaries and self-care

· Adaptations and modifications for inclusive, trauma-sensitive teaching

· The business of teaching meditation

· Resources for further practice


If you are a yoga teacher, this course qualifies as 50hrs CPD with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Teachers who are looking for certification to teach meditation will be required to complete a number of assignments during the training as well as after the final weekend.

During the course: 

· Commit to a personal meditation practice for the duration of the course (30mins 5x per week) and keep a practice diary.

· Observe 5 meditation classes (in-person or online) and submit a written summary of your learnings.

· Teach 2 short meditations in pairs or small groups and receive tutor feedback.

· Record yourself guiding a meditation practice and receive peer feedback.

· Provide peer feedback on another person’s guided meditation.

After the course: 

· Submit a written summary of what you learned about your own practice based on your practice diary, and receive tutor feedback.

A certificate will be presented upon completion of both weekends and all assignments.

Teacher Training

Meet the Teacher

Find out more about Senior Yoga Teacher Isabell here.


All 4 days £599
Early Bird until 31 January £549
Super Early Bird until 1 September 2023 £500* 

Fee-Free payment plans available on request.
* Full payment must be made at the time of booking.

Please email for more information or any questions about the course.