Sat 04 January 2020 / 13:00 - 17:00 / Yogarise Peckham

New Year’s Urban Day Retreat with Erin Prichard

£55 for 4 hours

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Samskaras, Sankalpas, and Tapas: the Yogi way to start the New Year
People often start the New Year with resolutions to evolve or make significant life changes. However, this usually just leads to disappointment by the beginning of February as we go back to the same old patterns. This is because our habits don’t just disappear with a wish, they take reflection and commitment.
Throughout this Day Retreat, we will be exploring the yoga philosophy of Samskaras—our deeply ingrained patterns, both positive and negative—and look at realistic ways to try to understand them and to begin to make subtle shifts. Instead of resolutions, we will be setting Sankalpas—vows to commit to our true selves and the inherent nature that already resides within us.
We will start our day with a 90-minute Yogasana class, a strong Vinyasa Yoga practise, with the intention of observing the self as we move through meditation. We will then gather for Satsang, where we will come together to discuss the philosophies of Samskaras, Sankalpas, and Tapas over some tasty bakes by Henrietta Greene of a Good Fork. There will be a range of delicious homemade goods, all vegan and all fundamentally lovely. Ranging from the sweet to the not-too-sweet, to the downright savoury, there will be something for you all.
We will close a well-rounded and soothing afternoon with Pranayama (considered breathing), Meditation, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. I hope you can join us to start your New Year with intention.

Urban Day Retreat