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Yogarise Community Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

Yogarise Community Yoga and Mindfulness Classes are GO!

We have just launched a ton of NEW community yoga sessions at Yogarise Peckham Rye and at our Streatham space on the corner of Streatham High Road and Prentis Road.

Since our opening in 2014 we have supported a range of local charities and good causes through our Community Classes. They have formed an integral part of the studio – providing a more affordable way to practise yoga, while also given newer teachers a platform to teach to a studio full of friendly faces 🙂

Now, our Community Yoga Classes form an essential part of the on-going Graduate programme from our Yogarise 200hr Teacher Training Course and they are solely taught by students who have trained with us, led by SYTs Erin Prichard or Becky Farbstein and a whole host of other fantastic experts and Yogarise teachers.

Our Community Yoga Classes in Peckham include: 4-5pm Monday – Thursday as well as 1.15-2.15pm Sunday.

See Peckham Schedule here

Our Community Yoga Classes in Streatham include: 9:45-10:45am Monday,  4-5pm Tuesday – Thursday, and 2:15 – 3:15pm Sunday.

See Streatham Schedule here.

Please check the schedule to see who is teaching and for schedule updates.

We are launching a new, free Community Mindfulness Class!

Join us every Thursday 1.30-2pm in Peckham and Online, for a 30 minute Mindfulness session, open to all, led by Alice Pritchard.

Mindfulness is known to improve concentration, reduce stress and improve sleep; it can help us ‘come to our senses’ and observe things as they are without judgement.

So much of life is spent in autopilot which maintains habitual patterns in our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. Rather than spiralling off in our usual ways we will practice the simple – but by no means easy – ancient art of seated meditation; focusing on the breath, bodily sensations and sounds around us.

You can sit on a bolster, yoga mat or request a chair. You can practise in whatever you are comfortable in (jeans etc) doesn’t have to be yoga wear 🙂 If you are at home, you could practise lying down on your mat or bed. Total beginners welcome.

Book Community Mindfulness on the Yogarise Peckham Timetable or just drop-in.

We hope to see you soon at one of our Yogarise Community Classes! Any questions, please get in touch


By Emma Hitzelberger