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Ghita Misciagna

Dynamic Pilates, Barre

Ghita’s interest in pilates began when recovering from an injury. The practice improved numerous aspects of her health, increased her quality of life and she came to love it! So much so, she gained her advanced Pilates certification in 2017. Ghita has since immersed herself more deeply in studies that complement pilates such as Barre, therapeutic yoga, healing movement and nutrition.

Ghita’s thoughtful approach honours how the body functions naturally, while offering an invitation to extend that awareness to all aspects of life – from nutrition and daily routine to mindfulness and how you breathe.

With the birth of her two daughters, she felt how necessary and healing it was to practise pilates and wanted to help new mothers. Ghita is deeply passionate about postpartum recovery including diastasis recti correction. She also works with charitable partners who support mothers.

In Ghita’s classes you can expect a flowing and dynamic pilates routine with emphasis on transitions. Movements are precise and controlled but more dynamic, designed to improve posture, balance, and build toned muscles. Dynamic Pilates is appropriate for beginners and improvers with options offered for different levels of fitness and skill. Be prepared to make a classic workout more intense and effective and to find muscles you never knew existed!

Ghita’s Barre classes are dynamic and upbeat! A blend of ballet and Pilates exercises, these sequences target the abs, thighs, glutes and arms. This is a full-body workout using low-impact and high-intensity moves that will sculpt, strengthen and elongate your muscles!

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