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Jill Martin

Warm Dynamic Flow

Jill teaches Warm Dynamic Flow in Streatham. Having burnt-out from a 20 year corporate career, Jill relates only too well to the stresses and strains of modern life, and their impact on our physical, emotional and psychological health.

Yoga became a key part of her life at a time when her body was exhausted and depleted, and she needed to find a way of managing her stress levels, and to be kinder to her body.

12 years later, Jill lives a completely different life. Her work now spans all aspects of the body and being. As well as teaching yoga, Jill works as a Workshop Facilitator, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Coach, Emotional Healer and Life Alignment Practitioner.

Her yoga classes are challenging and playful in the power vinyasa style, integrating different types of stretching, and dynamic moves to build strength, flexibility and resilience… whatever your level. Her classes are empowering and peppered with lessons relating to how our bodies work as well as modern-day spirituality and even quantum physics. She also includes tools from emotional healing to help find freedom from some of the emotional weight we all carry, to leave students feeling lighter, calmer and more grounded.



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