Online Classes

Hello, livestream yoga + pilates!

With classes streamed live on Zoom, you can get the Yogarise experience wherever you are.

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HOW TO Get Started

  1. Download Zoom for free onto your computer, tablet or phone, and register for a basic account.
  2. Create a nice space for you to practice in – we recommend having a yoga block, blanket or pillow handy so you can really enjoy Savasana at the end!
  3. You can book any time up until the start of class. You will receive the Zoom link from us one hour before class. If you book within this final hour, you will receive the link immediately. If you would like to add our email server to your anti-spam, please add email: confirmations@ribbon-confirmations.com and be sure to check your junk mail if you have not received the link.
  4. As soon as you click on the link it will open up Zoom and you will be admitted to the class. Turn on your camera and say hi to your teacher if you like. And you can practise with it on, or off, it's up to you.
  5. Turn your audio on so that you can hear the instructions.
  6. Put yourself on mute when you join the class.
  7. Enjoy your class!