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Online Yoga Nidra Training Course

with Francesca Sanlorenzo

October - December 2024 : a 6 day training live online

Teacher Training

We are delighted to welcome SYT Francesca Sanlorenzo to Yogarise-Online for an immersive and non-dogmatic Yoga Nidra training for teachers and practitioners.

During the course you will cultivate a daily practice of Yoga Nidra whilst learning about and experiencing different approaches from different schools, both classical and contemporary, helping you to deepen your own practice. As well as reflecting on your personal journey you will have the opportunity to develop your own unique and authentic voice and to create scripts to share with your community.

We will also unpack the science, history and philosophy behind the practice and its applications in various contexts for you to be ready to deliver Yoga Nidra to a range of different students and settings. Throughout the course you will also be guided through lots of Yoga Nidra practises to experience some of the theory we have explored in the sessions adding a retreat quality to the training.


Teacher Training

You will meet live online for 6 days spread over 2 months. Including the self-study between each of the weekend ‘meets’ you will complete approximately 100 hours.

If you are interested in teaching Yoga Nidra you will be asked to complete 3 teaching assignments throughout the course and attend an extra session on Saturday afternoons to unpack specific teaching principles and techniques. Assignments include planning a Yoga Nidra workshop for your students.

Completing the course for your own personal development? You are very welcome to join us if you are not planning to teach others but simply seek to deepen your own practice, as this journey will encourage you to establish a routine necessary to explore the depth of Yoga Nidra.



This Yoga Nidra immersion/training is open to qualified yoga teachers and trainee yoga teachers looking to add yoga Nidra classes and workshops to their yoga teaching offering. Practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of yoga Nidra and immerse themselves in the practice, and health care professionals who are interested in the practice of Yoga Nidra and would like to know more.


The course will be ONLINE on the following days:

Day 1 - Sat 5th October: 9 am-6 pm*

Day 2 - Sun 13th October: 9 am-4 pm

Day 3 - Sat 2nd November : 9 am-6 pm*

Day 4 - Sun 10 November: 9 am-4 pm

Day 5 - Sat 30 November : 9 am-6 pm*

Day 6 - Sun 8 December : 9 am-4 pm

(*)Non-teachers: you are welcome to finish at 4 pm on Saturdays if you are not interested in the teaching part of the course.

The course will be delivered online live and all sessions will be recorded on Zoom to ensure 100% attendance.



Each day Francesca will offer a 2-hour Yin-Yang practice, and a lovely long yoga Nidra. There will be plenty of opportunities for both practical sessions, theory, discussion, and group work.

Day 1 will focus on an introduction to the course and students, the history of Yoga Nidra, introduction to the practice and the 3 main schools (Satyananda lineage, IRest, Himalayan School), and how to teach savasana.

Day 2 will focus on the Philosophy and Science of Yoga Nidra and the Rotation of Awareness.

Day 3 will focus on Sankalpa, Breath Awareness and the use of language alongside teaching practice.

Day 4 will focus on Pairs of Opposites and Visualisations.

Day 5 will focus on the space of Yoga Nidra and the 3 bodies, how to structure a Yoga Nidra workshop and teaching practice.

Day 6 will focus on the benefits of Yoga Nidra, its connections with Yogic anatomy and conclusion.

Each day will be sprinkled with short practises of Yoga Nidra related to the theory.


If you are a yoga teacher, this course qualifies as 50 hrs CPD with Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Teachers who are looking for certification to teach the practice will also be required to complete several assignments during the training and afterwards. This includes summaries of journals from self-practice, creating Yoga Nidra script/recordings, and devising a Yoga Nidra workshop structure.

A certificate will be presented upon completing 100% attendance and all assignments**

Meet the teacher

Find out more about Senior Yoga Teacher Francesca here.


I loved Fra’s course. It reminded me of the core of my yoga practice, the still heart, the body-mind-spirit connection, and the always-importance of breath. It also reminded me that we have such a gift in our practice and that yoga nidra is a generous and gentle way to share it with others, especially those who might find asana practice daunting or physically not possible. With yoga nidra, the practice can truly be for every body." Stella Duffy

"Fra was wonderful, her yoga sequences were beautiful, her teaching in-depth and really comprehensive. I have learnt so much from the course and other participants and would only recommend Yoga Nidra with Fra!!" Nel

"The training at Yogarise with Fra was a complete joy from start to finish! Fra's passion for Nidra and depth of knowledge is inspiring. The course content and structure was so well thought through with a good mix of theory and practice. Suitable for anyone with an interest in learning more about this life-changing, transformative practice! Thank you Fra and Yogarise!" Liv

"A great course that really immerses you into the world of yoga Nidra, its history, benefits and various schools of practice. Delivered in a very easy-to-follow format, great if you want to teach it or just deepen your understanding for your own practice. Yoga Nidra is something that is so needed in todays' fast-paced world I can highly recommend this course. Fra has such warmth and genuine passion for the practice which shines through in her training. Thank you." Suzanne


All 6 days: £550 (Early Bird until 30 September £499)

A PDF course manual is included

Please email for more information or any questions about the course.

Payment plans available on request

(** The deadline for submission of all assignments is 28.02.25 or there will be a fee of £80 beyond this date)