Sjaan van de Langenberg | Yogarise Streatham | Pilates
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Sjaan van de Langenberg

Dynamic Pilates

Sjaan is a Yin, Yoga, Pilates and Breathwork facilitator and a dancer.

Her love for contemporary dance informs her other movement practices and facilitation methods. Classes are creative, fluid and suggest alternative ways of moving, tapping into our bodies natural strength and intelligence. She aims to create an environment that is inclusive and nurturing.

She encourages curiosity and active inquiry. Motivating you to find your own path. You will have the opportunity to work deeply as you are guided through a meditative practice. Breath is at the heart of every class Sjaan teaches, guiding our movement and helping to open up our bodies. Our breath, physical bodies, emotions and mental clarity are connected and constantly informing one another. Through awareness and love we can find more ease and acceptance for all these aspects of ourselves. Sjaan would like your practice to leave you feeling peaceful and connected.

Sjaan teaches: