Meet special guest teacher, Laurent Roure

We can all agree it’s been a pretty stressful year. In times of uncertainty, stress and anxiety can feel impossible to overcome.

Here to help is yoga teacher and meditation master Laurent Roure. He’s joining us to teach you how to relax – and we mean really relax. And the magic doesn’t stop there: through pranayama, tantra, and nidra, you will learn simple and clear techniques to nurture calm thoughts at will. Already sold? Book here

Need convincing or just want to know more? Here’s Laurent in his own words…


What is Yoga to you Laurent?

Yoga is an opportunity to learn about ourselves. It is a place when we bump against our demons, our imperfections, our interactions with ourselves and with others. And with time, practice and patience, it is a journey towards freedom and happiness.


How did you come to the practice and how has it evolved to focus on Breath, Meditation and Yoga Nidra?

My practice started 30 years ago with Ashtanga. It was very physical and very forceful to perform and to push further and further. I did enjoy it, but I suddenly had an epiphany (after many injuries) and craved to working with the subtler layers of yoga. Those fundamental layers are breathwork (pranayama), meditation which includes the practice of Nidra and others. They are not separate; they complement each other and need to be practised beside the physical. This is often forgotten! In my search for studying and learning, I met my teachers in methods such as Bihar school of yoga, Swami Gitananda, and Vanda Scaravelli inspired yoga who showed me different tools to reach this freedom in kinder and more mindful ways.


If you were to describe your offering in one sentence, what would you say?

Laurent teaches awareness, self-observance, acceptance, and appropriate actions. Through thoughtful and aware practice, you will learn how to hone and master each of these essential skills.


What does your self-practice involve?

This will depend on who inspires me at the moment – my practice is volatile and changeable. One day I will practice traditional Hatha and another day Feldenkrais. Breathwork/meditation and deep relaxation are in my daily routine.




What do you hope to pass on to your students when they practise with you?

I hope to give them the foundations, basis, and confidence for them to blossom in their practice. I want to provide them with space and leads to discovering their body, the way they breathe, how to calm and rest the mind.

When teaching yoga Therapy, I am hoping to give my clients the tools which help them to heal and feel supported.


Which yoga resource would you recommend at the moment (book, poem, podcast)

My podcast, The Penny Drops where I am meeting all kind of interesting people in the spiritual, therapeutical, yoga, movement world. I also offer audios and tips on relaxation and breathwork.


And who/what is your biggest inspiration at the moment?

Moshe Feldenkrais has been my big inspiration for the last few years – he was able to create somatic movement practices from scratch and from his own experiences. He gave his students the opportunity to change their health with remarkably simple tools. But most importantly, he was a real rebel and was not scared to break the rules. Love that!


Just £22 for both sessions – the two sessions can be enjoyed independently though we recommend booking both to enjoy the sequential layering of techniques and practices. Included in the cost is a digital copy of the exercises you will learn – so you can use them on the go. Book here!

Laurent is joining us online at 7.15-8.30pm on Thursday 3 December + Thursday 10 December.