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Meet your Teachers – 200hr YTT with Erin Prichard

Meet your Teachers for the Yogarise 200hr Teacher Training with Erin Prichard!

The Yogarise 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training will be led by Erin Prichard and supported by a few wonderful guest teachers. Read on to find out more about each teacher, their specialisations, and the modules they’ll be leading.



The Asana Lab Team


Becky Farbstein is a highly experienced teacher, having led many other teacher trainings herself. Her anatomy-focused approach is perfect for the Asana Lab sessions she’ll be leading you through. In these sessions, expect to deep-dive into familiar postures, develop your voice for cuing, and learn how to modify and adjust your students.

Carrianne Hayden will also be working with you for the Asana Lab sessions. She is a 500hr qualified teacher with over 10 years experience. She is passionate about motion and fluidity – a master of elegant transitions – you can expect Carrianne to help you find beauty in your flow and learn to pass that on to your students.

Rishin Paonaskar will be working alongside Carrianne and Becky for Asana Lab sessions, as well as introducing you to the fundamentals of Restorative Yoga. Rishin is a 500hr qualified teacher with a specialisation in Restorative Practice and Yoga Nidra. If this piques your interest, you may like to go on to take a 50hr CPD and become a Fully Qualified Restorative Teacher after you get back from Mexico!


Specialist Module Leaders


Shamita Ray will be sharing wisdom on the ancient language of Sanskrit. Shamita’s intricate knowledge of sound makes her a perfect teacher for this alpha-sonic tongue. She is a 500hr teacher, who has also devoted herself to the completion of a Masters in the traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS University. Shamita will help you to understand the fundamentals of Sanskrit, as well as the techniques and values of incorporating Sanskrit into your classes.

Damian Lynch is a highly accomplished actor, having worked across stage, screen and radio. The versatility of his voice has afforded him opportunities as a voiceover artist and audiobook narrator as well. He will be guiding you through a workshop covering vocal confidence, toning, health and maintenance, as well as offering exercises to help you develop your own unique and authentic tone as a teacher. He looks forward to meeting you all and helping you find your voice.

Lolo Lam will introduce you to the fascinating worlds of both ayuverdic medicine and functional anatomy. With a background in nursing and specialisation in neurosurgery and intensive care, Lolo’s knowledge of the medical and wellbeing world perfectly straddles the Eastern and Western approaches. You can expect her to share experience and help you marry these two systems of thought and integrate them into your practice and teaching.

Deepti Sastry is a 2000hr trained yoga and meditation teacher, specialising in Vedic chanting and mindfulness. She will be teaching you about the traditions and values of chanting and mantra. You can expect to explore the deeply profound healing effects of mantra, as well as consider how to bring this into your own space. Deepti has a sincere and abiding faith in the yoga and chanting traditions, and cannot wait to share it with you.

Tara Lee and Clare Daniell have worked together for over 8 years running workshops and trainings for pregnant and post-natal students. They will be sharing their experience with you, and teaching you how to accommodate for, modify and integrate bodies as they pass through this stage. Use this part of the training as a stepping-off point, before you consider going further and taking pregnancy and post-natal trainings after your 200hr qualification.

Eva Thomson, founder of Live Karma Yoga will be leading an Inclusivity and Diversity module. Expect to increase your awareness of the importance of inclusivity and diversity within the yoga community, as well as how you can go about enacting positive change and integrating some of these principles into your teaching. Learn how an increased awareness of this can help you organise your classes, and encourage people to participate within them.


Plus a full team of Yogarise mentors.