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A Sacred Cacao Ceremony to do at home

Want to experience the benefits of cacao before our Women’s Cacao Ceremony in April?  Emma Landolt has created this beautiful ritual to practice at home.

Cacao Ceremony - two people hand each other cups of cacao

Cacao has been used for centuries in sacred rituals and ceremonies, and it can be a powerful tool for supporting your mind, body, and spirit. Cacao can be made easily at home and drunk as a delicious superfood to complement a regular healthy diet or used as a sacred ritual.

Cacao helps us to connect with our emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, and create a space of healing and self-care.  Use this ritual at home to return to your sacred space over and over again.

Emma works closely with Ritual Cacao – a wonderful supplier of ceremonial grade Cacao from Ecuador & Peru. Use the code EMMA10 for 10% off.



At Home Cacao Ceremony 


You will need:

A cup of ceremonial-grade Ritual Cacao·

A candle

A crystal of your choice, or a stone, a feather or a flower.

Incense, Sustainable Palo Santo or Sage

A journal or notebook

A quiet, comfortable space

At least 30 minutes with no distractions

  • Prepare your ceremonial-grade Cacao brew, take a moment to appreciate the delicious aroma of the Cacao.
  • Create a quiet, comfortable space where you can sit and relax without any distractions.
  • Light the candle and set the crystal or objects beside it.
  • Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself and focus on the present moment.
  • Hold the cup or mug of Cacao in your hands and set an intention for the Ritual. This intention can be related to your health and wellbeing, such as receiving guidance, finding peace or feeling self-love.
  • Close your eyes, as you drink your Cacao. Focus on the taste and texture of the Cacao and allow yourself to be fully present.
  • Take several deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Visualise yourself inhaling calm and peaceful energy and exhaling any stress and negativity.
  • Spend some time reflecting on your emotions. You can write in a journal or simply sit quietly and tune in to how you’re feeling. Acknowledge any emotions that are present, without judging or trying to change them. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, and offer yourself compassion and understanding. Write down what you are feeling. Automatic writing really helps us to get in touch with our unconscious thoughts and feelings.
  • You can pray, meditate, or simply sit quietly and focus on your breath. Set an intention to find clarity, guidance or wisdom, regarding a challenge or issue. Tune into the Cacao flowing around your body, and see if in any guidance or insights are coming through. Cacao helps us connect to the wisdom that is already within us so let her guide you into your heart.
  • Place your hand on your heart and feel the heartbeat. Take a moment to express gratitude for your life, for your healthy body, and for the wisdom of your soul. Close the Ritual by blowing out any candles or incense you may have lit, and take a few more deep breaths to ground yourself.