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Mysore at Yogarise

We’ve just introduced an unlimited Mysore Pass for our Covent Garden Yogis. But is it the thing for you? Teacher Alice Bonifacio helps to delve deeper into what Mysore is, and who it’s great for…

“A lot of people feel intimidated by Mysore but don’t worry! This blog post will debunk some of the myths behind the practice: My Mysore class is open to all levels and follows the ashtanga primary series, with sessions running as a drop-in for students between 7-9am.

Mysore is a form of self-practice with a teacher present, helping you to break down the postures or asanas in the primary series, whilst also exploring the remaining 7 limbs of ashtanga (ashtanga means “eight limbs” or “branches”).

Mysore is named after the city in South India where ashtanga was developed by K. Pattabhi Jois, and later became popular in the west. Traditionally, Mysore is practiced at sunrise during the cooler hours of the day and mirrors our life cycle through the ashtanga series. The postures are intelligently sequenced to allow the body to warm up and prepare for more challenging asanas

Mysore is perfect for beginners, allowing you the space and time to really understand the postures without the pressures of a led class. For me, Mysore cracked open my yoga practice and gave me the confidence and freedom to roll out my mat wherever I choose. As an actress, I travel quite a lot so I was very grateful of a practice I could take anywhere with me in the world!”