Own shares in Yogarise | Investment opportunity for our community

Own shares in Yogarise

Ever wanted to own something you love? Now you can! Yogarise is selling shares.

That’s right! Back in 2022 we did our first ever community equity sale, and thanks to our amazing crew, we managed to raise a whopping £34,000! The shares have been issued and that money re-invested into the business, spent mainly on acquiring a new site in Streatham and marketing.

This resulted in improved comms both in studio and online, and scope for additional community building initiatives such as Kirtan, SoFar Sounds, Supper Club, Book Club, Peckham Bowls yoga, more Community Classes and so on… Streatham is ticking along nicely, but there is definitely more we can do in terms of classes, offerings and marketing.

The importance of the first round of investment cannot be understated in terms of how it helped the business in its essential recovery from the Covid pandemic. We’re sure that those of you who visit the studios regularly will have seen busy classes, busy training courses and great vibes – back to how it should be!

We’ve also been able to offer you more retreats, workshops, masterclasses, professional training courses, and so on. We’re now planning our 2024 calendar and have started securing dates, venues and of course, teachers. Exciting times ahead…

So, why are we doing a second round of investment?

Firstly, because we want to keep improving what we offer and this extra funding, will help us to grow and thrive.
Secondly, because most of the feedback that we received from the first round was that our entry level investment of £5k was too high.
At the time, we were advised that this was a sensible route to take to reduce admin and legal costs. In hindsight, we should’ve gone lower to make it more accessible to our community – so that is what we’re doing now.

We’ve reduced our minimum investment to £1,000.

That’s right, you can own a piece of your fave yoga studio for only £1k! This will buy you 0.05% and you can expect returns of around x2.52 or £2520.

If you like the sound of this, and this is an affordable amount for you to invest, then please email sean@yogarise.london and he will share our Investment Memorandum and supporting documents (if desired). Once you’ve had a read and are keen to invest, Sean will tell you how. You will then have a two week cooling off period, then the shares will be issued, and Companies House updated.

Get in touch!

Interested? We hope so! Not only will you get to own a slice of Yogarise, but the first 10 people who invest will also get a free 10 class pack (or equivalent value £130 in credit if you’re a pre-payer) to go onto your account or gift to someone. Meaning that your £1,000 investment is in fact only costing you £870. Get in touch now to take advantage of this offer. 

Watch our little promo video here, or ask to see our short Pitch Deck doc and we can send it to you.

With love and thanks,

Sean and Em