5 Benefits of Practicing Yoga Online | Yogarise

The benefits of practising online yoga

Stay connected with your community

We’ve loved watching friendships blossom in our studios, and seeing that translate to our online yoga classes has been even more special! We’ve met partners, kids, pets, house plants… who doesn’t want to practise with their fave Yogarise teacher and catch up with their yogi pals? We may be social distancing but that doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant!

Treasure a moment of mindfulness

It can be hard to carve out time for mindfulness when we’ve got a million distractions around us (hello, Netflix binges), but a yoga class can create that sacred space we need to slow down. Mindfulness is known to help reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep and memory… we can’t think of any reasons not to give it a go! Our top yoga classes for mindfulness? Check out an online Hatha flow, Yin yoga or Flow + Restore!

Your body will thank you

Whether you believe yoga is a form of exercise or not, it’s hard to deny the incredible effects the practice has on our bodies, especially while so many of us are sat at our makeshift desks all day. Yoga is known to improve circulation (goodbye, numb bum), posture and breathing mechanics to name a few, all of which are incredibly important for staying healthy. Want to get that heart pumping? We recommend an online Rocket yoga, Yogasana or Dharma class, just make sure to grab your sweat towel!

Create a sense of routine

Anyone else feeling like you’ve just woken from a nap and have no clue what time or day it is? Whether you’re busier than ever or left with an abundance of time to fill, we’ve found building a daily routine has helped us stay grounded while at home. And of course, joining an online yoga class has become a staple in our routine. We’re loving early evening yoga at the moment, perfect for switching off at the end of the work day with plenty of time for tea and telly 😉

Practise with teachers you’ve not been able to before

Don’t you hate it when there’s a teacher you love but their class just doesn’t work with your commute or schedule? Well, location is no longer an issue because we’re streaming live yoga and pilates classes directly to your lounge (or bedroom/kitchen/garden) up to 10 times per day, which means you have easier access to Yogarise’s talented team of teachers – Yay!


So… what are you waiting for? Check out the Yogarise online timetable and get booking!

We’ll see you on Zoom soon <3