Rob Peirce

Thai Massage / Bodywork

Rob’s style of bodywork is a creative and intuitive formula that has evolved over 13 years into a bespoke restorative therapy that acts as the perfect support to your daily life or yoga practice. Through deep pressure and energetic techniques it resolves and prevents many of the problems that hinder life on and off the mat. Each session is a blend of OsteoThai, abdominal massage and Zen Shiatsu which all work together to form a unique and contemporary massage. Rob works at the intersection of many eastern and western disciplines, utilising deep pressure and manipulation to relieve pain and dissolve tension and stiffness.

Rob has been blessed to live, work and study across the length and breadth of Asia and Europe with some of the world’s premier bodywork teachers. He has practiced yoga since the 90s and bodywork since 2001. He continues to deepen his spiritual practices and develop his technical skills through yoga, meditation, travel and healthy conscious living.

Rob's times and prices:

60 min £65

90min £80

120min £100

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