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Amy Chilver

Dynamic Flow

Amy Chilver has been practising Yoga for over 16 years. After realising the profound impact it had on her life, Amy trained as a yoga instructor with the desire to share this with others.

Amy has over 700 hours of teacher training and has recently spent 4 months in India where she experienced intense training in pranayama, meditation, chanting, sound healing and asana. Amy has a degree in Psychology and training in Yoga & mental health. She is extremely passionate about finding ways to translate the tools you cultivate on the mat to life off of it.

Amy’s classes consist of strong, uplifting and playful asana practice with breathwork and meditation. With plenty of options, she encourages students to take the practice that works for them, whether they have come to their mat to sit and breathe for the whole session or to move more dynamically.

Amy’s aim is to hold a space for students to feel welcome, connected, at ease, and with a sense of achievement. Amy’s favourite thing about teaching is the people she meets. She is always open to a chat after class!

Amy teaches: