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Ashley Ahrens


Ashley started taking Yoga classes in 2010 at the Sattva School of Yoga in Edmonton, Canada.

“After experiencing several devastating family losses, a friend recommended I try yoga to address my grief. I agreed to give yoga a try, and was completely shocked by the profound effects the practice had on my mental & physical wellbeing, something I never took care of before. My fascination surrounding yoga was set and I continue to be amazed by everything this healing practice has to offer.”

Ashley teaches a few different styles of yoga, mostly traditional types that are Ashtanga based: Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, & Sattva Yoga. She has a background steeped in science: a Genetics degree specialising in Cancer, with a minor in Psychology and Anatomy. She is currently studying Nutrition.

Ashley’s classes are strong, supportive and inclusive.

“I place a great deal of emphasis on connecting deep within your own body, using the breath as a tool to focus the mind, and fascial tissue lines of awareness to understand postures on a very personal level, all to tap into your inner potential. I am forever grateful to my first, and main, teacher, Rameen Peyrow of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.”

Ashley teaches:

Rocket and Dynamic Flow