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Beth George

Dynamic Flow

Beth George began practicing yoga as a respite from the rush of a corporate career in the City of London. Committing to the practice profoundly altered her relationship with mind and body. The evident improvement in Beth’s mental health and wellbeing were impossible to ignore and a catalyst that led her to change career paths entirely.

Beth teaches in the hope of sharing the transformational benefits that she has experienced with others. To date, she has close to 600 hours of certified training in various styles including Vinyasa, Rocket and Tripsichore. For Beth, remaining curious and open to explore and examine a range of ideas, methodologies and styles is both inspirational and key to discovering her own truth and helping students explore theirs.

Beth teaches a powerful, energising and uplifting class that grounds you in the present moment, balanced out through mindful breath. An encouraging and playful environment that supports self-expression, exploration and growth. She hopes to empower practitioners with tools that help support, centre and balance their life beyond the yoga mat.

Beth teaches: