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Camille Marie Bieber

Morning Flow

Camille Marie Bieber (they/them) found the practice through its physicality for the sole purpose of working out whilst beginning recovering from years of eating disorders.

Now in addition to a remedy against anxiety, Camille has a passion for being upside down and a physical and mental strength. Their signature is to teach strong-ish but inclusive classes. They use playfulness, fun transitions and bouts of philosophy to help people get out of their story.

“I like to sneak in the other aspects of yoga alongside the asanas (postures) and find great joy in seeing people realise they’re stronger than they think they are – physically and mentally. My classes are usually a mix of meditation, pranayama (breath work), fun sequences and terrible jokes. I like to think of myself as a chilled and inclusive teacher and your biggest cheerleader.”

Camille teaches:

Morning Flow