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Jeni England

Dynamic Flow / Rocket

Jeni (she/her) found yoga through Rocket practices, initially coming back for the sweat and hard work of the style, but ultimately remaining for the more spiritual aspects of the practice. Having since trained in Bhakti yoga all of her classes are now based around yoga philosophies and the practice of love and devotion, for yourself as well as those around you.

The power and strength of Rocket is not gone from Jeni’s classes, expect to build strength and get a sweat on, but you will also be encouraged to strengthen your mind and meditation practices just as much as your physical body. The focus in Jeni’s classes is always on connecting to something deeper, never worrying how a pose is expected to look but rather how it feels.

As well as teaching yoga, one of Jeni’s big passions in life is feeding people. Creating delicious, seasonal, mostly plant based food that is both comforting and nourishing, she strongly believes that food is what brings us together and that having everyone around the table is the quickest way to form strong, loving bonds. Having had a keen interest in cooking from a young age, Jeni is self taught through years of hosting dinner parties and now retreats. With a variety of culinary influences there will be flavours from all over the world to make each meal something new and exciting. Jeni strongly believes in sustainability and minimising waste so strives to use seasonal ingredients from the area or country the retreat is taking place in, and will often repurpose leftovers into something even more delicious the next day.

Jeni teaches:

Vinyasa Flow