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Robyn Maclaren

Dynamic Flow / Power Yoga

Growing up as an elite acrobatics gymnast and coach, Robyn graduated with a Forensics degree and went on to have a corporate career in London. It wasn’t until moving to Sydney Australia that she first tried yoga. It was a strong Power Vinyasa Yoga practice that got her hooked, completing 350hrs training with Duncan Peak at Power Living Australia in Sydney and Bali. Balancing her strong practice using Yin yoga she also enjoys teaching more relaxing styles and making the practice accessible to all levels.

Expect strong, unique flows, and juicy stretches with a light hearted, playful vibe. Whether teaching a dynamic or yin session, Robyn enjoys finding challenge and expression through the practice. Her gymnastics background means she loves being upside-down and shares this by breaking down arm balances and inversions, to make them accessible and fun to all. Expect to sweat, flow, play and relax in her classes.


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Robyn teaches:


Wednesday 06.45 Dynamic Flow Open

Thursday 19.00 Power Yoga Open