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Exfoliating and Nourishing Salt Scrub Recipe from Lore Botanicals

Lore botanicals have the perfect antidote to tired skin – enjoy this exfoliating salt scrub which will replenish and moisturise tired skin.

During a bath or shower use your salt scrub to exfoliate your skin using a light, gentle touch. Much like dry brushing to encourage circulation, lymphatic drainage & detoxification, you can start from your feet, using gentle circular motions moving upwards, finishing at the heart.

If limited for time or if you prefer you can focus on one area, but remember to use gentle circular motions to help free in-growing hairs and remove dead skin cells.

Using a salt or sugar scrub can be quite abrasive so I recommend only using it once or twice a week.


* 1 cup fine sea salt – or you can blend in other salts such as epsom salt.

* ½ cup carrier oil – use what you have at home… simple olive oil in your kitchen is wonderfully beneficial for your skin

* 5-15 drops of an essential oil (eo) or blend of a few of your choice – lavender eo is a great option for so many reasons but from safety point of view it rarely causes any reactions to the skin & is incredibly soothing & relaxing.

* Optional – add in some dried herbs like dried lavender flowers.

* Mix all the ingredients together until well blended, then add to a clean dry jar, label & place your pretty creation next to your bath or shower ready for use.

n.b: If you want your salt scrub to last for longer than a few weeks adding in vitamin e oil will give your salt scrub a longer shelf life / stop the oils from spoiling.

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