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Why yoga and pilates are a great combo

Yoga and Pilates don’t have to be two separate practices…you can still be spiritual AND practice Pilates. In fact, Pilates might just be the missing piece of the Yoga puzzle…read on to find out why!
Yoga and Pilates
Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for decades or are just starting out, adding Pilates to your yoga repertoire will undoubtedly propel your yoga practice into new realms. With core work at its…core (excuse the pun!) Pilates can help create greater stability and strength in your body. Think Chaturanga and how challenging this asana can be: not to mention the often-mentioned neck and shoulder discomfort that students report. Well, Pilates can bring a whole new dimension to your classic yoga asanas by helping you learn to engage your core and distribute your efforts evenly. Through exercises that challenge your stability and balance, you’ll notice the wobbles disappear in your Warrior III.
And let’s not forget the Pranayama part of Pilates if you will… exhaling through your mouth is a whole new way of accessing your lower Bandhas.
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