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Veronique Piercy

Dynamic Flow, Flow + Restore

Veronique grew up in British Columbia, Canada and is a lover of oceans, mountains, sky and sun. She is a performer and singer at heart, bringing vocal and physical presence to her yoga classes.

After being told as a child by her ballet teacher that, ‘there was no hope for her flexibility’, Veronique (wrongly) spent years believing that she couldn’t do yoga.

Veronique is a believer that yoga is for every body, and encourages students to get to know their own individual frames through the breath. Years of being the least flexible person in the room has taught her that yoga is never about how asanas (poses) look aesthetically, but rather about exploring how they feel in the body.

In Veronique’s classes, expect a breath-led, energising Vinyasa Flow practice with a focus on working with each practitioner’s own unique range of motion and flexibility.

Veronique is a RYS 200 hour teacher, and is continually training and learning! She has an interest in Forrest and Yin yoga, in pranayama and the body-mind connection, and in the benefits of yoga for performing artists.

Veronique teaches: