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Louise Brown

Rocket / Yin / On Demand

Louise started her yoga journey in London spending years practicing Rocket, giving her the wings to fly and a passion for inversions, breath, bandhas and pranayama as well as a desire to delve deeper, before moving to Los Angeles in 2017. Her training at Liberation Yoga in LA filled her heart and practice with love, courage and deep spiritual roots. She loves to share this practice with others, putting together creative and inspiring sequences always coming from an inclusive place. Her classes include spirituality, meditation and pranayama, encouraging people to come back to themselves one breath at a time.

Since moving back to London she has continued her learning with trainings in Hatha, Vinyasa, Mandala, Rocket & Yin yoga. She loves to be a constant student, seeking wonder and knowledge through all of her teachings, finding inspiration from her students and teachers alike. She teaches across London and loves to share this practice as part of a community. With a focus on creating joy in movement and cultivating space in body and mind. She gives thanks to her teachers past and present and is passionate about sharing this transformational practice.

Louise teaches: