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Sarah Eckersley

Pregnancy Yoga

Sarah Eckersley is a registered 482 Hour London based yoga teacher. She discovered yoga in her early 20s when she was trying to sustain a highly stressful corporate job. Whilst she started the practice to aid a physical injury over time she began to hear and TRUST her inner voice, peeling away the conditioned beliefs she’d been taught about what she should think and feel, ultimately allowing her to live with a greater acceptance of herself and greater clarity of the things that mattered.

Sarah’s mission as a teacher is to remind students that they are MORE than enough just as they are. She hopes to remind you that your worth isn’t determined by your ability to handstand but through forming a deeper and happier relationship with yourself. You’re in the right place if you are looking for a yoga class that focuses not on what you look like but how you feel. You don’t need to be flexible, simply open minded and ready to work with the body that is your home.

By blending beautiful poses with your breath, she helps reconnect you to your inner teacher, which in time transforms your mindset from a place of low self-esteem to a place of compassion and self-belief. It’s her hope that any insecurities, stresses or problems you arrived with are gently peeled away throughout the journey of the yoga class and that you leave feeling centered, replenished, viewing the world and yourself with a more positive perspective.

Sarah says ‘when I discovered yoga I slowly started to re-discover myself and it is my hope that my classes provide the same sanctuary for you. That in time you learn to trust yourself again, unlearn the behaviours that have held you back to help you return to a place of self-awareness, acceptance, compassion and your most authentic self.’

Since completing her 200 Hours in 2016 Sarah has gone to learn under some amazing teachers including The Yoga People, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Yoga Mama. She teaches a variety of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Power, Mandala, Yin and Pregnancy yoga. She has taught hundreds of people across the UK and abroad across a range of yoga studios, through corporate and private classes as well as on yoga retreats. She has enjoyed teaching at The Yoga Show, working with great brands such as FitBit and professional athletes such as the England Rugby team. Find Sarah at Yogarise Peckham teaching Pregnancy Yoga

Sarah teaches:

Pregnancy Yoga on Thursdays 19:30-20:30 at Yogarise Peckham