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Erin Prichard

Dynamic Flow / Yogasana

Erin has been teaching Yoga since 2004 and Teacher Training for more than five years, having trained with a multitude of amazing teachers, including doing over 300 hours with Richard Freeman. She runs the Teacher Training programme here at Yogarise, as well as her own 200 and 500 Hour courses, based both in London and abroad.


Erin is a workshop leader at Imperial College’s annual GPs conference, and lecturer at Imperial Medical School, teaching a module about the Science of Yoga and Mindfulness to GPs in training. She’s a true believer that Yoga is for everyone no matter what the circumstance, teaching in both schools and in prison.


Erin maintains a thread of philosophy and tradition in her teaching and remains forever grateful to those who have influenced her teaching. Some of her influences include Richard Freeman & Mary TaylorStewart GilchristSri. V. Sheshadri, Emma Henry,Sam Harris, Florence Welch, Thom Yorke.


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Erin teaches:


Monday 09.45 Yogasana L2

Wednesday 17.30  Dynamic Flow Open

Wednesday 19.00 Yogasana L2



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